First things first…

Making a wedding dress is a daunting task, especially for a bride who is… very specific about what she likes and dislikes, and has a very clear idea about what she wants. The bride’s name is Boot* and she is renowned for being very particular, a trait that friends and family are all aware of. let’s just say, no-one ever buys Boot a gift without also providing a gift receipt. (We love you, Boot – mwah!)

So, I admit that I am nervous. The dress providing inspiration – Dior’s Mexico evening dress – is QUITE a tall order to try and emulate! Can my sewing skills match her expectations, let alone do this dress justice?

I do, however, love a project. So, off to google I go to start getting my head around how one even starts to think about approaching a wedding dress project. So far, the blogs I have found most useful are:

  • Melissa at Poppykettle – the colours in her wedding dress were stunning and the level of detail charting the construction of the dress helped me get my head around the task (especially emphasising that this is going to be a BIG project!)
  • Tanya sews – ditto re level of detail showing construction, especially making the corselet. Tanya sews also lists a number of links to blogs by people who have made a wedding dress which was really helpful

Neither of these dress styles fit what I am looking for, but there was plenty of beautiful sewing inspiration from both of these blogs. The skirt on this dress looked beautiful and I was so excited to read about it but, frustratingly, the post doesn’t give any details about the pattern for the dress. There was a helpful take away from the post though – believe in yourself, don’t let the doubters put you off, and you can do it!

* there is a very long story behind this nickname, the origins of which date back 30-odd years, with numerous twists and tweaks along the way – a tale for another day

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