Skills audit

I’m not a bad seamstress. I’ve made all sorts over the years, including day dresses, evening dresses, skirts, tops, kids’ clothes, and curtains (particularly helpful experience for this wedding dress project, I am sure you will agree!).

My pernickity, perfectionist nature means that I have a good eye for detail and want things to be just right. The downside of this is that perfect can often be the enemy of good – I’ve lost count of the number of projects I haven’t started, or beautiful fabric I haven’t been able to bring myself to cut, because I was scared that I would mess it up!

While I know that the best bits of my pernickity-ness will help me do a good job on this dress, I do feel like I could do with a bit of a refresh of my sewing skills. I’ve decided that I am going to attempt a dress with a boned bodied and a very, full circle skirt (more on this later…)

The more time I spend searching online for (ideally vintage) dress patterns that might help me replicate the Dior Mexico evening dress, the more I think that I am going to have to draft the pattern myself. Something I have NOT done before. Where to start?!

Enter Raystitch to come to the rescue – they have two day intro to pattern cutting workshops with Alice Prier planned for the Autumn in North London. I’ve always wanted to do a pattern cutting workshop, but had never found a course in the right place, on dates I could do, at a price I could afford. By some sort of miracle, the Raystitch workshops fit the bill so, using money saved due to lockdown curbing my frittering opportunities, I have booked myself onto their course. I cannot wait!

The course is listed as needing the skills of a ‘Confident Dressmaker’, so between now and doing the course I need to get a bit of practice in to revisit both basic skills and a few fancy tricks too. That’s my summer sorted then!

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