Finally finishing a WIP

I’m embarrassed to say that I started this By Hand London Victoria blazer about three years ago! I saw some gorgeous coral/ tomato red soft linen in a shop and fell in love with it, and thought it would go well with this pattern to make a great going out jacket (not that I go ‘out out’ very often these days).

So I spent an Easter weekend – probably in 2017 – making this blazer. It sewed up like a dream but I was cocky and made a mistake. The pattern includes lining for the body of the blazer, but not the sleeves. I thought I knew better and decided I would also line the sleeves. It completely threw out how the sleeves hang, especially as the linen is so soft and it just looked rubbish. I was so downheartened that I never even finished it – it’s been hanging in my wardrobe un-hemmed for the last three years. As I’ve decided to brush up my sewing skills I figured now was the time to (literally) dust off this blazer and finish it properly.

I started by turning the blazer inside out and cutting the sleeve lining off (I left a couple of inches at the cuff as I will tidy this up too). I turned the armhole (just found out this is also called an armscye!) hem back on itself and basted it to provide a neat edge to handstitch the lining to the blazer armhole, hiding the raw edges.

At the cuff, I turned the lining back over itself, tucking in raw edges of the lining, to cover the raw edges of the linen seam joining the cuff to the sleeve.

Finally, I finished off the hemming at the bottom of the back of the blazer.

And here is the finished thing – ta da!

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