Seamwork Almada robe

I have dusted off another project that was started ages ago and then abandoned. This time it is the Seamwork Almada robe. I cut out this pattern about a year ago and then must have got distracted as I didn’t even start making it up.

I loved the look of this robe – especially the kimono style sleeves and tie belt – and imagined myself swanning about in it on a sunny summer morning, huge mug of coffee in hand. I chose a light cotton with a lovely pale blue/ lilac leaf pattern to make up the robe.

It is a fairly straightforward pattern to make up, though it turned out that when I cut out the fabric I failed to mark key info, like where to attach the ties. So I had to go back to the pattern a few times to guesstimate where the mark should have been.

I also failed to read the instructions properly when it came to adding the cuffs and sewed them on to the wrong side of the sleeves first time round. Seam ripper to the rescue! I’m not going to pretend that this was the only time I had to reach for the seam ripper (surely the seam ripper must have the lowest cost per use for any sewing tool ever!).

Cuff attempt one – error!

The only part of the instructions I did not understand related to stitching the side seams. I think the instructions wanted me to ease the fabric under the arm but my cotton would just not do it. I wonder if I had used a different type of fabric would have enabled me to do this… what I did was to just sew it normally and then trim the bottom to fit.

Here is the finished robe:

If I was making this robe again – and I am very tempted to as it is lovely – I would choose a floaty chiffon, and maybe make it a bit longer as I am 5’9”. Hopefully, next time I won’t take a year to make it up!

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