Testing out the Seamwork Bo top

I have had a Seamwork subscription for ages, though I confess that I haven’t made the most of it. Despite loving the patterns, I have always made excuses that I am too busy, but I am trying to make more time for sewing now. I wanted something quick to run up so looked to theContinue reading “Testing out the Seamwork Bo top”

Sewing as meditation

I have recently discovered the Love to Sew podcast, presented weekly by the wonderful Helen (from Helen’s Closet) and Caroline (from Blackbird Fabrics). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this podcast – it is like sneakily listening in as two friends chat about their favourite subject. They cover a wide range of topics (recent shows have coveredContinue reading “Sewing as meditation”

Twirly, swirly circle skirts!

I was ten years old when I made my first #memade item of clothing: a circle skirt. My mum had always sewn throughout my childhood, and I was desperate to have a go, so mum spent a weekend teaching me and a friend how to make our very own circle skirts. I still remember theContinue reading “Twirly, swirly circle skirts!”

Pattern matching with the Seamwork Patsy skirt

I made the Seamwork Patsy skirt a couple of years ago and wanted to include it here as it is a me-made item that I wear regularly. I was drawn to this pattern as it looked like a perfect summer skirt – with MASSIVE pockets. What more could you want in a skirt? I alsoContinue reading “Pattern matching with the Seamwork Patsy skirt”

Making face masks

The last few months have been strange. The coronavirus crisis has on the one hand been extrememy anxiety inducing and stressful, a combination of cabin fever caused by not being able to venture far from home and trying to juggle homeschooling and work pressures. On the other hand, as we got into a bit ofContinue reading “Making face masks”

Finally finishing a WIP

I’m embarrassed to say that I started this By Hand London Victoria blazer about three years ago! I saw some gorgeous coral/ tomato red soft linen in a shop and fell in love with it, and thought it would go well with this pattern to make a great going out jacket (not that I goContinue reading “Finally finishing a WIP”

Skills audit

I’m not a bad seamstress. I’ve made all sorts over the years, including day dresses, evening dresses, skirts, tops, kids’ clothes, and curtains (particularly helpful experience for this wedding dress project, I am sure you will agree!). My pernickity, perfectionist nature means that I have a good eye for detail and want things to beContinue reading “Skills audit”

First things first…

Making a wedding dress is a daunting task, especially for a bride who is… very specific about what she likes and dislikes, and has a very clear idea about what she wants. The bride’s name is Boot* and she is renowned for being very particular, a trait that friends and family are all aware of.Continue reading “First things first…”